About us

LopLop brand was launched for the first time in 2000 with the supply of chocolate and cocoa products. LopLop became so popular in a short period of time that despite the existence of similar domestic and foreign products in the market, LopLop became a common name for such products, and to this day many people use the word LopLop for any similar award-winning product. Something similar we have seen in other famous brands.

This shows the unique success of this brand and its popularity; On the other hand, this has paved the way for the misuse of many similar low-quality products. Many of these products are sold under the name LopLop, without having anything to do with the actual LopLop. For this reason, when buying LopLop products, always make sure that the desired product is the Persian logo ( ) And English logo ( ) Have! There is only one real LopLop and that is a LopLop with Persian and English logos!