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The Kakano tree is originally from South America, and was so important among the civilizations of this part of the world as the Aztecs, before the head of the Europeans was found, that it was a favorite drink of the Aztec king and his courtiers. In the modern world, cocoa has gained global importance, but it is interesting to know that most of the world’s cocoa and its best quality is now grown in Africa in Ghana and Ivory Coast. After harvest, cocoa beans are exported to various countries around the world to be used to make cocoa paste, cocoa powder and cocoa butter.
At LopLop, we use the best brands of cocoa powder in the world, such as the Dutch Benzdorp brand. If you are familiar with the good taste of cocoa, just try our chocolates or breakfast chocolates once to make sure of the good quality of our cocoa! Lop Lop cocoa products do not use any artificial flavors, chocolate essential oils, artificial colors or chemical preservatives in any way.


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